Welcome to MyNews

We have added some new features to MyNews that makes submitting videos and photos more fun and rewarding.

Now, whenever you contribute or interact with MyNews you will earn ranking points, which will help you rise in status on our leaderboard and be awarded badges and achievements.

Getting Started

To begin earning points, just sign up and create a new account. You are now officially a member of the MyNews network of citizen journalists. If you already have a MyNews account you can continue to use it. If you have a Facebook account, you can now link it to your MyNews account. This makes it easy to sign-in to MyNews and also lets you share your MyNews activity with your Facebook friends.

Profile Page

When you become a member with MyNews, you will receive a personalized profile page that will show off your achievements, badges, points and level. It also displays your profile picture, approved uploads along with favourites and comments you have posted. If you have already created a MyNews account in the past, make sure to login and customize your new public profile. People can also subscribe to their favourite MyNews members from this page.

Earning Points

The more you interact with MyNews, the more points you will receive. Simply registering a new account will earn you 100 points!

Every time you submit a photo or a video you will earn 50 points towards a photographer or videographer badge. Each badge type has 5 levels you can achieve. Two photo uploads will earn you a 1-star Photographer badge. The 2-star badge is achieved after 10 photos have been approved and so on.

If your photo or video is used on CTV News broadcast, you will be awarded a “Shown on TV” Badge and 500 points.

You can also win a “Scoop” badge if our editors judge your submission to be the best that week, month or year.


Assignments are a new and exciting way for MyNews members to contribute to the news gathering process. Assignments will call for content of a specific theme, and they can cover a broad range of topics, from fun and light, like what you love most about your city, to breaking news, like a severe storm rolling through your region.

By submitting photos and videos to these assignments, you will have the opportunity to earn bonus points.

You can find assignments for your region on the Assignments page and throughout MyNews. If you have the MyNews app installed on your mobile device it will also point out active assignments near your current location. We can also send notifications to your device to alert you to a nearby assignment.

Other Ways to Earn Points

You can also earn points by browsing through photos and videos sent in by other MyNews users, commenting on them or liking them.

And of course, if people view, like or share your submissions, you will also earn points.

Key Reader

Earned for viewing other people's submissions

Crowd Pleaser

Earned when content you have submitted has been viewed by others.


Earned by commenting on the submissions of others.


Earned when others choose to follow you.


Earned when others 'like' your submissions.


Earned for sharing MyNews content on social media.


Your rank is based solely on points earned for uploading images or videos. Each approved upload is worth 50 points.

Contributor Level 1
50 points (50 total)

Stringer Level 2
950 points (1000 total)

Reporter Level 3
2000 points (3000 total)

Producer Level 4
3000 points (6000 total)

Correspondent Level 5
4000 points (10000 total)

Mobile Apps

To make it easier to submit photos or videos, you can download the MyNews App for iPhone and iPad for free from the iTunes App Store. Click here to find it in iTunes or search the App Store from your mobile device.

This can give you an edge by helping you earn points while on the move and receiving breaking MyNews assignments.

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